Dogs and Cats Living Harmoniously

The stereotype of dogs and cats fighting is far from true. When we adopted our Norwegian Elkhound  we already had three cats living in our house and knew that it might be difficult to introduce a dog to the family. We were concerned that a dog would might harm the cats. It turned out that we had nothing to fear. Of course there was an adjustment period of a week or two where Aspen our elkhound would make an attempt at playing with the cats. The cats would have nothing to do with her and would either A. hiss and swat at Aspen or B. Run to safety into the laundry room. (we installed a cat door in the laundry room door) After about a month or so everyone began to settle down and soon they were quite comfortable around each other. We found that dogs and cats can live in harmony.

Dogs and Cats

One of our cats, Langley, was a big orange tabby. He  was old and somewhat overweight. He also had some health issues. It was amazing to see how our dog Aspen seemed to know that something was wrong with him. As Langley’s health began to fail Aspen became more protective of him. Aspen began to “mother” him at times. She would gently lick his head and lie down next to him in the sunny spot by the sliding glass doors in our living room.


Dogs and Cats - Aspen and Langley

Aspen letting Langley sleep on her bed

Aspen and Langley turned out to be great housemates. In the autumn of Langley’s last year with us Aspen would let him curl up on her dog bed in front of the fireplace and then she would lay down next to him and keep him company. When Langley passed away I think Aspen was just as sad as the rest of the family. We lost a pet. Aspen lost a friend.

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