Dogs Loyalty Knows No Bounds

You often hear about a Dogs Loyalty and Norwegian Elkhounds are a breed that definitely rank at the top of the list. I know because my elkhound “Aspen” is very loyal to me and to my family and I’m sure if you have a dog he or she is probably very loyal to you. So when this story from the New York Daily News was forwarded to me recently I found it very moving and had to share it. After reading this I’m sure you agree that a dog’s loyalty truely knows no bounds.  If you have a dog this story will certainly move you too.

A Dogs Loyalty

Capitán - a dogs loyalty

Capitán the Loyal Dog

For the past 6 years, a dog named Capitán has slept on his master’s grave every night. Miguel Guzmán passed away in 2006 and Capitán disappeared shortly after the funeral services. Miguel Guzmán’s family searched for Capitán everywhere to try and find him.

A week later, some people at the cemetery one evening spotted Capitán lying on a grave and contacted the groundskeeper. The cemetery notified the family, who promptly came to pick him up and take him home. But each night he would cry and scratch frantically at the door to go out and wouldn’t return home until morning. Capitán would walk the 3 miles back to the cemetery each night to sleep by his master’s grave.

Years later, the cemetery gates still do not close until he arrives each night promptly at 6 p.m. He sleeps there all night, guarding the grave, until the groundskeeper opens the gates in the morning.

This is such a touching story about a dogs loyalty and one that confirms what I believe about the special relationship between people and dogs. Now, what are you waiting for – go hug your dog!

Photo Credit: Santiago Berioli/Gentileza la Voz der Interior via the New York Daily News

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