Norwegian Elkhound – Part of the Family

Aspen – Our Norwegian Elkhound

For as long as I can remember I have always loved the Norwegian Elkhound Breed. However I was a member of a die-hard “cat” family. So growing up I longed for, but never had a dog. So when years later the opportunity to adopt an Elkhound presented itself the decision was easy.

Aspen our Norwegian Elkhound

“Aspen” our Norwegian Elkhound

We adopted Aspen through the Norwegian Elkhound Club of the Potomac Valley based in Northern Virginia. When we got her she was just a year old. Her original owners got her as a puppy from a breeder in Pennsylvania, but as she grew from a puppy into a young dog they found that they did not have the time (both were in graduate school) or the physical space for dog as active as a Norwegain Elkhound.

So Aspen is not really a rescue dog. She was loved and well taken care of by her former owners. We got lucky to find her and to have the good fortune to make her part of our family.

Our lives have never been the same since the first day she arrived at our house. What a time she had running around in our big backyard. So much energy! She was so excited to be with us and we were so happy to have her. We spent part of the afternoon with the couple that was putting her up for adoption and found out about her likes and dislikes. We discussed her diet, got all of her papers and veterinary health information, and a dvd of videos of her as a puppy. There was no doubt about it. We wanted her and she was happy with us. Finally after all the years of wanting an elkhound the time had come. Aspen was now part of our family!



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